The good, the bad, the funny

Tara & Larry performing a little dinner table Karaoke.

I love this video of us. It reminds me that 1., we have a lot of fun together ( both as a couple and as a family of 5+5), and 2., that we need more of these random videos. The kids do them all the time whether on their YouTube channels, movie maker programs on their tablets, or using hilarious apps like TikTok. They have so much fun making them and put so much thought into them. Time for us to up our game Aronson.

People often talk about how all we see on the social media pages of our friends, family, and acquaintances are their perfect lives. I don’t believe this to be totally true as I respect those sharing their darkest and most challenging circumstances and I see it often on my feeds. Other than the untimely death of our beloved dog, Gracie, Tara and I’s social media surely does depict more perfection than folly. Of course, it’s anything but. I mean, we have blended two adults, 3 girls, and 5 critters in an old, large but oddly laid out northeast Hamilton home in need of much TLC.

We’ve been through many challenges as 10 heartbeats under one roof, but the fact that we are still going strong at soon to be 4 years, is largely in part to moments like this video above or the image below of us making the best out of 8 some odd hours in the emergency room in Parry Sound waiting for two girls with ear infections to be seen.

We have a lot of fun together. We all help in our community. We all talk a lot about our dreams, our fears, our challenges and how we make one another feel. We love to be creative, silly, and show compassion for people and critters alike in our community. We are all one another’s cheerleaders. We are the arms we need around us when in need of a snuggle, consoling, or a sweet goodnight. We are ears when a talk is needed or an exciting story is anxiously waiting to be shared, or hands when things need fixing, homework is due, or we are working on joint projects together.

Of course our lives are far from perfect. We fight, argue, yell, slam doors, swear, cry, vent, etc. We’re human. We’re 5+5 in a house not really well designed for our blended family.

Tara and I don’t really fight though. I attest this to life and relationship experience, personality types that rarely clash, similar family values, strong family and friendship bonds, and two single parents that came together looking for a little happiness for ourselves, but mostly looking for a great life for our children. We both love the 80’s, romance, Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, Fuller House, people, kids, animals, local small businesses, and talking about making our neighborhood, our city, and our world a better place for our children. She does like reality cooking shows and The Walking Dead though. I won’t hold those against her.

I believe I speak for all of us – animals included, when I say that we all couldn’t have asked for a better second chance at love, at family life, and have all found dear friends and lifelong partners in crime at 252. I also know that Tara and I didn’t find just a little happiness for ourselves. I can see it in the way she looks at me and smiles, with how much she loves my girls, her patience and the fact that she is still around through everything that has been thrown in our path.

Here are just a few images below of the silly fun Tara and I have enjoyed together these past four years. A certain Stevie Nicks suddenly song comes to mind.

Our lives aren’t perfect. We just love highlighting the positive and by doing this, we realize those tough times at the end of the day are far fewer and far between than the good we love to share.

Halloween in Crown Point

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8 thoughts on “The good, the bad, the funny”

  1. Helen says:

    You are one of those people, Larry, that when you meet for the first time you feel like we have known you forever. We are so excited for you and Tara and we look forward to spending fun times in prep for the big day and the all the days to follow.

    Love to you both, you make an awesome team…xoxo

    1. I felt the same way about you and Bert, Helen. I have to remind myself that you aren’t actually related because you are always at functions. Hope to see you both soon. xoxo

  2. Kathy says:

    Just have to say you are both just too cute and we really do have the same taste in music…the 80’s was definitely my favourite decade for music! The good, bad and the ugly is so true for everyone and love that you both have found the good more than anything! Looking forward to the big day and the next few months. What else will you do???

    1. The 80’s sure was fun and the stag & doe will surely be a hoot! Looking forward to seeing the costumes. 🙂 As for what else we will do, stay tuned. We’ll be busy writers these next 5 months.

  3. Wendy says:

    Wishing you both every happiness that life has to offer ! Larry, you were a terrific kid back in my ancient history. I just can imagine what a fantastic man you have become.

    1. Thank you for these very kind words, Wendy. I’m glad we have been able to connect after Barton. It’s so nice to see your love for animals and the beautiful paintings you are still creating. I need to make it out to a show to buy one! Art class and lunch hours in the art room were definitely among my favorite high school memories. The kids get a kick out of seeing some of that old artwork as they explore their own creativity. I don’t draw/paint a lot anymore but do enjoy when we find time to all sit down together and make a mess. 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    Best couple ever. You don’t have to spend much time with them to see the love. We were lucky enough to spend time with them camping and see first hand how they enjoy their time together with their girls. Love by the vanload. Blessed to call you both friends, and my favourite girls, nieces…

    1. Thank you, Trustee Parkinson! We are really looking forward to sharing this adventure with you and Catherine. Your love and support means a lot to us. Looking forward to seeing you wear many pies.

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