Back to the 80’s Stag and Doe

Sample Ticket

Tickets are hot off the press for our 80’s themed Stag & Doe this coming April 13th. That’s just 2.5 months away. Great Scott!

The venue for the fun-filled event is the RHLI (Royal Hamilton Light Infantry) Veteran’s Association on Barton St E., just east of Kenilworth Ave.

We are very excited about hosting this event at the RHLI. We looked at and visual remembered our experience at a few options before choosing this old gem. There is something about the atmosphere, the ladies that were enjoying an afternoon pint with curling on in the background, and the staff member who spent some time throwing great ideas our way on how to throw a successful S&D.

DJ Tony will be on the wheels of (What do they call it these day? Circuitry?), and our awesome wedding party of 14 + our extended crew are working hard in the background gathering great prizes, planning fun games, searching for 80’s themed decorations, and having a little fun listening to some great almost forgotten tracks from the best era in music and video. Well the most fun anyway.

You can purchase tickets through anyone from the wedding party that you may know. See if you recognize anyone from our cast.

Otherwise, you can purchase tickets at the door or if you can’t make it but would like to support us, you can also buy a virtual ticket via PayPal or e-transfer using the email

Thank you for your support. Tara and I are super excited to see you as we dance the night away with friends, family, or those just looking for an opportunity to get into your 80’s gear and light up the dance floor.

Apparently we’ll be playing a real life pie face game. At least make sure it’s Pumpkin.

Map of RHLI Veteran’s Association

There is parking available on site. East Hamilton Radio also closes at 5:30 and the Centre on Barton is a very short walk as well just west of Kenilworth.

Larry’s Favorite Movie from the 80’s. All of them actually.


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