The Wedding Show

On Saturday January 19th, Tara and I braved our first winter storm of the season to head downtown to the 50th Annual Hamilton and Halton Wedding Show.

Hamilton/Halton Wedding Show

It was the first time it was held at the First Ontario Centre which I was skeptic of at first but when all was said and done, it was not a bad venue for the show except for there being no parking directly below the arena and the need to make a short trek from Jackson Square to the arena through the blistery January elements. This also meant needing to wear boots and coats and no coat check. Thankfully they were giving away big bags so I parked my coat in there for the 3 hours that we spent perusing all the vendors.

It wasn’t too crowded which was likely due to the weather so we never had to wait long to talk to the vendors we wanted to chat with, and it also meant the lineups for food and drink were non-existent as well.

As you walked in, they stocked you up with bags to carry all your handouts and giveaways, as well as branded you as bride and groom so the vendors knew who to up their sales pitches too as you wondered around amazed at all the decisions you had to make in short order. Stag games, DJ’s, Videographers, Photographers, invitations, catering, flowers and decorations, photo booths, wedding officiants, dresses, tuxes, rings, venues, honeymoons, you name it.

We made the most of the afternoon, took our time, talked to almost every vendor, put our names in for draws, and by the end, both our bags were chalk full of likely every flyer, business card, and magazine available. Not to mention a nice set of wine glasses from a full service shop out of Niagara whom we met as the show closed and vendors closed up shop for the evening.

We laughed, Tara cried, and overall the vision of our day and what we needed to do became clearer. We met our wedding officiant, found many great options for photographers and videographers, some ideas and vendors for invitations, and met the jeweler who designed Tara’s engagement ring to talk about the wedding bands.

There is definitely something to be said about talking to people and seeing their work in person rather than what we had been doing up until that point – searching the internet.

The people that will be part of our day are important. Not only can their work leave a lasting impression either way, but so can their personality and how they will interact with you and your guests.

3 hours flew by. I have to say I really enjoyed that time with Tara. Watching her glow, the tears in her eye at every turn as she seen photographs, videos, and imagined our special day as it quickly approaches.

Thanks to the show organizers and all of the vendors who made this a fun, entertaining, educational, and overall great experience for my bride to be and I. Maybe we’ll go next year, enjoy a few stress free drinks, watch the new couples plan their day as they stroll the aisles, and reminisce about our special year the one before.


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  1. Tara says:

    It was definitely a special day love! I loved spending that time with you and chatting with all the vendors about how they started their business!

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