They Meet – Act 1.5

How the Bride-to-be remembers our “how we met story”

When a couple says they met “online”, typically they don’t mean the same way that Larry and I met “online”. 

You see, I was responsible for managing social media accounts for my employer and building it up so that more people could learn about the great services they have.  I regularly added businesses, individuals, and anyone who mentioned Hamilton in their profiles or posts. I didn’t pay a ton of attention to who I was adding, I just added and added new contacts. As it turns out, I had added Larry without realizing.

One night I was having dinner and drinks at my good friend Monica’s house when I received several notifications on the Facebook app on my phone. I looked down to see “Larry Pattison likes your picture”, not once, but three times.

“What is a Larry Pattison?” I said to my friend. The pictures he liked were odd… one with my mom, one with my daughter, one with me and two friends. I decided to turn the tables and stalk him a little too before deciding if I should be scared or intrigued.

Step 1 – go to Linkedin. When I saw his Linkedin profile I saw that he was a school board Trustee. I actually had no idea what a Trustee was but figured that if he worked for the school board he must be relatively safe. I think he saw that I checked him out on this platform because I received a Linkedin connection request from him. I accepted.

Step 2 – go back to Facebook. I figured he was safe and liked my mom (lol) so why not add him as a friend on FB. Click. Added. Accepted.

I remember receiving a cute message from Larry stating that he figured since we connected on four social media platforms he should personally say hello. Hello Larry. J I responded saying I was all out of platforms to add him on so we should be good.

We chatted quite a bit from there. I loved reading his posts about education, community,  family, and his two adorable daughters. Looking at his pictures made my heart do flip-flops. Man oh man, he sure was (is) cute!  For work I created a post welcoming people who wanted to volunteer to make dinner for my work to reach out to me. Larry did and suggested that he gather all the trustees together to come and make a meal as a team-building exercise.  He coordinated a visit and tour of the house for him and his gang of trustees and I put on my prettiest outfit that day for the cute trustee visit. I gave him and his associate a tour and when it was time for them to leave I offered them a coffee. Larry said he would have loved to but he had to drive his associate somewhere.

Later that evening I received a message stating that he wished he could have stayed for the coffee and an offer to plan for one.

Coffee turned into dinner and a very thoughtful offer for Larry to drive out to Port Dover to meet me.

Dinner turned into a six hour totally comfortable, awkward-silence-free date, which then turned into a sweet goodnight kiss. Which made Larry cough, and later apologize for that cough. Multiple messages back and forth turned into another date, and then another and the rest is history. 

He sent me songs he recorded of him singing and playing the harmonica, one of which was one of my favourite songs of all time- Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. I was smitten. You see, I had wished for a Larry, many times over the years when I was alone raising my daughter. I had written out all the things I wanted in a partner years before, and as if responding to every item on my checklist, Larry was exactly what I asked the universe for. I couldn’t have written him better. 

I met the love of my life online, and to this day, he still makes my heart do flip-flops. 

I love you L-Cat.


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4 thoughts on “They Meet – Act 1.5”

  1. Catherine says:

    Heartwarming story xo

    1. Larry Pattison says:

      She tells it so well.

  2. Krystal Cook says:

    Awww…just when I thought you guys were already too cute for words, I read this story. Now I officially have many tooth aches!! You guys are amazing!!!

    1. Larry Pattison says:

      Thank you, Krystal. 🙂

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