A Movie at the Zoetic

Well, today is Tara’s birthday so I thought it was at least time to update this site with the video from our wedding ceremony at The Zoetic theatre on Concession Street in Hamilton, ON Canada.

The version we used at the wedding was without sound because I was having a heck of a time converting the video to mp4 with the music and transitions included in PowerPoint.

So, I removed most of the fancy transitions and the sound/audio technician at the theatre played the music in sequence for us.

Please note that the reason there is a long hold on the final slide is that after the text ‘The Beginning’, the groomsmen started to walk down the isle to make their way on stage, just finishing lining up as the music stopped. The curtains also started to close as soon as that slide was finished it’s transitions. I added the first slide to the end again as a way to hold the video longer so the song could complete for the online version of this video.

Good news as well. The photographers photos are now in as you may have already seen on social media. We are looking for where to post them so you can see them all in some sort of slide show so stay tuned for that as well. We should also be getting the 15 minute video they are putting together for us as well so we will post that when available.


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  1. Wendy Joy says:

    Beautiful! ❤ Congratulations again Tara & Larry!

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