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Sonia Michelle Scott

Sonia Michelle Scott – The London Club

I met Sonia Michelle about… 13 years ago. We met working together at a restaurant in Mississauga and we became close friends immediately. 

Sonia Michelle is another one in my life who is an undeniable force! She is the epitome of the word go-getter. She is unstoppable and brilliant, but she is also kind and one of the best friends anyone could ever have. We don’t get to talk every day, and we don’t get to see each other all that much anymore, but none of that matters because I always know that when I need her, she is there before I even finish my sentence.  

The second Sonia Michelle found out I was engaged she was on the phone asking me what I needed and listing off all the things she can do to help.  I am the luckiest of luckiest of people to have this wonderful friend in my life!

Thank you Sonia.

Disc Jockey (Wedding)

DJ Shan – Champion Sound

In December of ’17, we were at a Gala at the The Grand Olympia in Stoney Creek, ON.

Tara and I both agreed that DJ Shan knew how to not only get a crowd dancing, but keep them on the dance floor all night long. She knew then and there, that she wanted to book him for an event and the following year, DJ Shan was the entertainment for the 4th Annual Erich’s Cupboard Spooktacular fundraiser.

Last March, shortly after I proposed to Tara, she was already making wedding plans while sipping drinks pool side, and booking DJ Shan was already high on her list.

I’m extremely happy that he was available because our guests are in for a big treat!

Is it June yet?

Master of Ceremonies (MC)

Jim Watts

Mr. Jim Watts of Vagabond Saints

We met Jim through Erich’s Cupboard – a local charity friends of ours run in the community. From there, Jim quickly jumped on board our Pumpkin Prowl event when he found out about it and has been a great help to us every since.

From offering to be a candy donation drop-off for our event, screen printing our trick or treat bags, to making us all shirts to help us look official, there is no end to what he does for us and the community at large.
Not only is Jim’s involvement in our community very valued by us, but by so many others as well.

We’ve seen Jim MC a couple of events and are glad he will both be able to join in our celebration, but play a big part in it.

Thank you, Jim.

Photographer & Cinematographer

We have to thank our Wedding Planner, Sonia Michelle Scott, for making this connection for us. We have yet to meet this team in person, but our interaction thus far has us excited to see the end results.

As far as their work goes, their website speaks for itself. Thank you Dream Footage in advance, for being such a big and special part of our day. We can’t wait to share the final product on this site.

Wedding Officiant

Reverend Audra Jacombs

Rev. Audra Jacombs

We both knew as soon as we met Audra, that she was the one for our special day. Neither of us questioned the other.

Thank you for being a big part of our special day, Audra. We look forward to meeting again and planning the most important moment of the entire day with you.


Mermaid Luxury

Mermaid Luxury

Tara and I have both never rented a limo before and have only been in one a handful of times between us.

My work used to rent a limo from our Burlington office to Toronto for the CN Tower Stair Climb each year and once a friend rented one for a trip from Caledonia to Toronto for a concert. That was pretty fun. For Tara, it was mostly birthday party rides to the club organized by our one and only Maid of Honour.

Looking forward to the wedding party and our family all travelling around town in this mobile box of awesomeness. I’m sure the kiddos in our group especially will enjoy their time in this spaceship on wheels – and the kids at heart. Who am I kidding.

Thanks for being part of our special day.

Printing Services

Impressive Printing, Hamilton, ON

Our Stag & Doe Tickets

After waiting for a week for a response from another local printer, we were recommended to try Impressive Printing. Within a few moments of sending our design and asking for a quote, our questions were all answered and within minutes, we approved for them to go ahead and print our Stag & Doe tickets. They were ready the next day and look amazing! Thanks for making this task among so many in this process, a great experience.

With how easy it was to print our Stag & Doe Tickets, we reached out to these folks again to print our wedding invitations. They were extremely helpful as Larry tried to learn about bleed and crop lines and sending the files for optimal quality. We are so excited about how the invites turned out. Thanks so much for taking care of our printing needs.

Pictures to come.

Getting us in shape for the big day

1191 Wilson Street West, Unit #3, Ancaster, ON
Ready to burn our way into the dress and a new suit.

Orange Theory Ancaster is owned by Paul Beattie and Kelsey Crawford. For those of you in the local teaching community or those that have lived in Hamilton Ward 3 for 5 years or more, I don’t have to tell you who Paul, former Principle of Parkview Secondary School, is and what his hard work, devotion, and passion meant to his students, their families, and the community as a whole.

When we ran into OTF at the wedding show, I immediately set up an appointment to try Paul & Kelsey’s studio out. I was sold immediately and Tara was not far beyond after saying she would never go again during that first workout. Turns out she loved it too and we have no plans on stopping this train after the wedding. Life is busy with 3 kids, family, friends, community, and work so working out together has been kind of our date nights/mornings.

Thanks Paul, Kelsey, and the entire OTF Ancaster family. We love it there. You all make it easy to spread the word on the workouts, the staff, and the people we’ve met thus far. We’re both feeling great mentally and physically.

The Rings

Larry met Kathryn Dieroff at a pop up night market at the old Target at the Centre on Barton in Hamilton. When he seen her work, he immediately thought that one day in the not so distance future, he would hopefully be proposing to some girl he knew.

In a pinch, Larry messaged Kathryn in March of 2018 in search of a ring to propose to Tara with as they had planned a last minute trip to Cuba which seemed like the perfect opportunity to do the deed. There was no time to have a ring designed but Kathryn suggested another ring she had made with the option to return it and have one designed. Needless to say, Tara loves the ring and won’t let Larry replace it but at least we are back to have our wedding rings designed and made by Smith & Tailor.

Kathryn works out of Steel City Studios here in Hamilton, and is a wonderful person and extremely talented artist. We can’t wait to see the finished product.

Wardrobe for the Guys by

Thanks to Groomsman Ryan who scoped out a few places for us, we found Strauss. Dion has taken care of all of us from making sure out of towner’s had their suits shipped local to them, to helping us fit out of towner’s not in this country.

We had many laughs during our time in the store, as did other groomsmen who made the visit on separate days. It’s stressful trying to plan outfits for 7 guys, especially when the Groom is stressing in the final two months of preparation, but the Strauss team made it easy and fun.

Thanks Dion and other staff member’s that helped along the way.
We are all going to look sharp.

The Cake

Tara found Kat on Facebook. Her website also speaks for itself and Kat was very helpful with how big a cake we needed and quickly provided us with some great ideas for it’s design.

Kat made a sample for us to take home, not long after we starting chatting with her. We were all immediately sold. Yum!

We can’t wait for our guests to try your wonderful creations.

Thank you for making this part of our planning so easy.

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  2. So excited to have you on the team, Sonia. We truly appreciate your support. Looking forward to many get-together’s over the next 6 months.

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