The Bride

Tara was born in Montreal, Quebec on October 10th, 1975 to Irwin Herbert Aronson and Diane Christine Aronson (Gallagher).

Tara was a one year old when her dad accepted a teaching job in Brampton, Ontario where she grew up very much engaged in dance, theatre, and hanging out with friends. Tara describes her formative years as some of the happiest years of her life; clearly thanks to her wonderful parents, brother David, close friends, and extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins who mean so much to her.

                   Baby Tara

Later Tara moved from her parents home and set out for Vancouver, try out her acting skills   After a short time there, (no big breaks), she returned to her home town before moving around to Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, and finally Hamilton.

Tara’s university degree with a major in philosophy naturally led her to her 20 year career in employment counselling (okay, it wasn’t really the philosophy degree).

More than anything though, the best thing that Tara ever did, and her favourite thing in the universe, is being a mom to Hayleigh.

Through Larry, Tara gets the privilege of extending that love to two more amazing girls, and to a wonderful, caring, kind, and funny partner in Larry. Who knew you could find your true love after 40?

Their newly formed little family can be topsy turvy at times, but there is no where else that  Tara would rather be.