The Groom

Larry was born in Hamilton, Ontario Canada at the Henderson General Hospital on February 21st, 1973 to Larry Thomas Pattison, and Valerie Lynn Pattison (Hansen).

Other than living in the country for a few years near Dunville, Larry has lived his entire life within the Hamilton city limits. He grew up on the ‘mountain’ as they call it in the ‘hammer’, but has spent most of his adult life living in the lower city.

Larry played hockey for most of his youth leaving last memories of great friends and an extended family network. When he wasn’t playing hockey, he was always drawing, writing, or playing dinky cars. Then music and girls happened and well, life was music and girls.

From walking the runway at Model Search America, playing in a band, self-publishing a few short stories, to being an elected official for the local school board, Larry has tried many things in life and is looking forward to many more new adventures with his partner in crime, Tara.

Larry’s education is a mishmash of certificates and courses in art, writing, computers, CADD/GIS, and hybrid coaxial fibre networks, but he has been lucky to have been employed locally for 21 years as a cable guy.

Larry enjoys coaching and working with youth in general, being involved in the community, writing, and anything creative.

Larry considers himself lucky to have such loving, supportive family and friends, and being a member of a large and wonderful large extended family.

He’s a father of 2 and a step-Lare Bear to 1 – all beautiful, smart, funny, creative, and wonderful girls. Being a dad and Lare Bear is his favorite thing in the world.

On the surface life isn’t perfect, but it feels like it with Tara as his such a major part of it.